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Le opinioni dei nostri clienti sono il modo migliore per conoscere tutti i prodotti e i servizi Vimec.

Le recensioni ed i video ti possono aiutare a comprendere meglio quale soluzione è più adatta alle tue esigenze:
Poltroncine montascale, ascensori domestici, servoscala con pedana e montascale mobili.

Scopri le configurazioni e personalizzazioni che solo Vimec ti sa offrire!

The practicality of the T09 Roby mobile stairclimber

It was one of Luigi's relatives who suggested that he purchase a stairclimber.

Graziella's mobile stairclimber

Graziella points to her Vimec mobile stairclimber calling it "my tank"... as she has done since it arrived.

Condominium stairs: no problem with the V64

Giorgia, who has lived in a condominium since 1999, tells us that following a surgical procedure a couple of years ago she is now obliged to get around in a…

George with his Capri chairlift

Meeting Don Giorgio was something of a surprise, because not only is he a religious celebrant, he is also a poet with an artistic and simultaneously exacting temperament.

Emma's Vimec Ischia chairlift

Talking to Emma was a revelation: her humanity and practicality, combined with her wisdom and good nature seemed to be fitting personal qualities for a testimonial of the Vimec customer…

Stefano talks about his ECOVimec homelift

Stefano is extremely hospitable and despite his many commitments he agreed to show us his home so we could admire his ECOVimec homelift and tell us about his experience.

Vincenzo and his Easy Move homelift

Vincenzo welcomes us into his superb home, in which he decided to install an ECOVimec homelift with elite trims.

The indoor homelift: incredibly convenient

Giorgio is the expansive type, friendly and with strong views, he proudly showed us his Easy Move homelift that connects the lower and upper floors of his home where he…

Laura and her experience with the Vimec S10 lift

Laura's in-laws now live in an attractive and recently renovated house after moving down from their home in the mountains to be closer to their children.

Negotiate a small number of steps without difficulty, with the Vimec S10

Flexible, safe, quick to install: how to overcome level differences in the home and in public buildings.

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