Stairlift Dolce Vita

Change your life without changing your home!

No more worries ... welcome back Dolce Vita.
Your home contains all the beautiful things in your life: family, memories, comforts and all the affection that is a joy every day. Enjoying your home always, independently, is a pleasure that you can continue to share with your family without
restrictions and with maximum comfort.
VIMEC DOLCE VITA is the chair that eliminates the problem of stairs and makes room for your independence.


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Climbing and descending the stairs comfortably sitting, in safety and comfort, with a practical and easy to use stairlift, is the solution offered to you by Vimec, attentive to the needs of the family and to the people who, having reached old age, do not want to be deprived of their independence.

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The Vimec Dolce Vita stairlift becomes a tool for those who, even if only for a disability or a partial or temporary incapacity, seek assistance and want to feel free in their own home.
Thanks to its Italian quality and reliability, Dolce Vita is suitable for the most demanding staircases, even those with several flights.

Dolce Vita is the stairlift chair suitable for curved stairs (that is to say that the rail on which it runs is curved, to deal with several flights of stairs with a landing in the middle, and also to offer simple parking within a reduced footprint, in the case of a single ramp).

Vimec Dolce Vita is a solution with plenty of character: the comfortable an elegant chiar, discreet and reliable, that meets the needs of those who use it every day.


The stairlifts chair Vimec Dolce Vita is designed and built to conform perfectly to your staircase , with the minimum amount of space and with a safety features for the elders and their families. Quick installation.

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Easy to use
The controls positioned on the armrest ensures an easy and safe movement throughout the house; the seat and the footrest close and open together with a single light touch..Furthermore, Vimec Dolce Vita can be recalled to the floor thanks to its functional floor control panel.

Safety and comfort for everybody
With Vimec Dolce Vita stairlift chair you can move freely, thanks to the various personal safety features.
The footrest, in nonslip material, is fitted with safety edges that ensure that the chair stops if there are obstacles in the way. At the destination floor the seat can be rotated 75 degrees, facilitating exit. The start and stop are extremely soft and pleasant for anyone.
Among the colours offered for the seat and the track, you can choose the ones best suited to your decor.

Greatest flexibility and minimal amount of space
No space problems on the stairs because the footrest, seat and armrests fold away completely.
Easy installation

The Vimec Dolce Vita stairlift is designed and built to conform perfectly to your staircase: for this reason it is easy to assemble and keeps to a minimum the installation procedures; the chair is installed without masonry work.
Download the brochure to discover the Vimec Dolce Vita stairlift, at the cutting edge for reliability and durability, together with personal safety and comfort so valued by the families that have chosen Vimec.

Vimec has more than thirty years of experience, with more than 100.000 installations around the world, in this field: contact us for a free inspection and a free estimate.


Each home is different and each person has special needs that must be met.

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Since 1980 Vimec has designed, manufactured and installed unique solutions, always tailor-made. The consultant who offers you a Vimec stairlift chair is a technical professional, expert and patient, ready to share the experiences of other customers to best direct your choice.
Customer satisfaction is a valuable resource for us.


Measures, dimensions, consumption of the stairlift chair for curved stairs.

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Motion control is an ergonomic joystick, with a simple movement you can activate Vimec Dolce Vita.

Safety sensors placed on the footrest and carriage gently stop the stair lift chair in case of obstacles along the stairs (shock-proof systems and anti-shearing, ie anti-cut).

Seat belt is easy to use and helps elder people and fits their body size, with automatic retractor.
Footboard: robust and safe, it folds up to save space on your staircase.

Swivel seat: an useful handle allows you to rotate the chair at the bottom and at the top of the stairs to get on and off the chair easily and safely.

Infrared remote control: it is completely wireless and it can call the chair to the starting floor or to the landing floor.

The batteries recharge themselves both in the arrival and in the start position, this ensures the use even in the absence of electricity.

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