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Climbing and descending the stairs comfortably sitting, in safety and comfort, with a practical and easy to use stairlift, is the solution offered to you by Vimec, attentive to the needs of the family and to the people who, having reached old age, do not want to be deprived of their independence.
The chair for climbing stairs, or stairlift, becomes a tool for those who, even if only for a disability or a partial or temporary incapacity, seek assistance or a home on their scale and want to feel free in their own home.

Easy and practical
With the controls positioned on the armrest, it is easy to move throughout the house. Furthermore, Elba can be recalled to the floor thanks to its functional floor control panel, and can also be equipped with a practical control unit for a helper. The sturdy and ample seat is able to best support even the elderly who are overweight.
Ascent and descent: a small control lever on the armrest makes every movement automatic and comfortable.
The floor control panels are wireless and can be used to place the Elba seated stairlift in the preferred position or to call it to the floor.

Safety and comfort
With the Elba seated stairlift you can move freely, thanks to the various personal safety features.
Elba is equipped with all the features to ensure your safety during your movements; equipped with systems to prevent impacts, shearing, crushing, and safety gears (i.e. avoiding that parts of the body may be endangered by any mechanism), TÜV approved, with Elba you move with full peace of mind.
The footrest, made of anti-slip material, is provided with safety edges, which ensure the Elba stops in case of obstacles in its path.
At the arrival floor, the seat can be swivelled, greatly facilitating a comfortable and safe dismounting; the gentle acceleration start and the soft arrival are absolutely pleasant for anybody.
Easy installation
The Elba stairlift is designed and built to conform perfectly to your staircase: for this reason it is easy to assemble and keeps to a minimum the installation procedures; the chair is normally installed in the space of a few hours, within a day, without masonry work.
Browse the brochure to discover the Elba stairlift, at the cutting edge for reliability and durability, together with personal safety and comfort so valued by the families that have chosen Vimec.


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