Easy Move Homelift

The lift for the home (domestic lift, known in the whole of Europe as Home lift) Easy Move is always tailor-made, customisable, and focuses on the safety of the whole family (both for people who want to enhance their comfort, as well as for the elderly and disabled), the reliability, the comfort and the elegance, in perfect harmony with the finishes and colours of the home.
In this case, Vimec lifts are the ideal tools to break down architectural barriers (we are talking about staircases, steps, raised floors), and can be used safely by any person, even those with movement difficulties or in a wheelchair, or by mothers with strollers and the elderly, even only for the performance of daily activities such as moving heavy objects or bringing in the grocery shopping.

Vimec lifts, both in the case of lifts for the home and for the condominium (villa, terraced house, semi-detached, maisonette) and of platforms lifts in public buildings (offices, shops, hotels and restaurants), have a range of features unmatched in the market:

Thousands of installations
In addition, the Easy Move home lift can be installed without problems in homes, in condominiums, stores or offices. The Easy Move home lift is also suitable for any type of renovation and for reorganisation of all spaces.

Easy Move can be installed both indoors and outdoors: the masonry works are never difficult.


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  • The indoor homelift: incredibly convenient The indoor homelift: incredibly convenient

    Giorgio is the expansive type, friendly and with strong views, he proudly showed us his Easy Move homelift that connects the lower and upper floors of his home where he lives with his wife.

  • Vincenzo and his Easy Move homelift Vincenzo and his Easy Move homelift

    Vincenzo welcomes us into his superb home, in which he decided to install an ECOVimec homelift with elite trims.


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