George with his Capri chairlift

Meeting Don Giorgio was something of a surprise, because not only is he a religious celebrant, he is also a poet with an artistic and simultaneously exacting temperament.

As he opened the door of his house, alongside the church in a small Tuscan town, he jokingly scolded us for having arrived late, taking the opportunity to relate a tale that was both secular and religious concerning the town that has been his parish for many years.
The decision to install a Vimec chairlift came following a medical diagnosis that fortunately proved to be less serious than originally feared.
I asked a lot of questions of the various people and consultants I was dealing with, and in the end I believe I made the right choice! Don Giorgio awards importance to the aesthetic impact, his personal independence and that of his sister when she visits, and the Vimec Capri solution is absolutely ideal for his requirements.
Unfortunately, the years are passing and I will have to use it more and more - He asks, with a wry expression - forgive my levity but I wonder whether there are any chairlifts in Paradise – which is where I'm planning to go – and if so, are they made by Vimec?
Don Giorgio is too kind, he makes us laugh and we exchange telephone numbers – it's easy to see that we have much to learn from such a sensitive soul with a wealth of experience of the world.


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