Graziella's mobile stairclimber

Graziella points to her Vimec mobile stairclimber calling it "my tank"... as she has done since it arrived.

The house is raised with respect to the pavement, with four steps up to the entrance. We were undecided whether to build a pair of ramps, but the space required would have obstructed the entrance to the garage.
With Vimec's tracked stairclimber Graziella found the perfect solution for her wheelchair ("I have a specially designed chair with non-standard dimensions, but luckily Vimec's Roby T09 is fully compatible with it"). I am assisted by my son or grandson, both of whom were shown the procedure by the Vimec consultant at the time of the demonstration.
The stairclimber is extremely rugged and easy to operate - we even take it with us when we go on holiday, because it can be separated into two parts so that it fits in the boot of the car.

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