Laura and her experience with the Vimec S10 lift

Laura's in-laws now live in an attractive and recently renovated house after moving down from their home in the mountains to be closer to their children.


The S10 platform lift proved to be the ideal solution to negotiate the steps leading from entrance area of the house to the raised ground floor.

Laura was particularly impressed by the assistance received from the Vimec consultant, who helped the family choose the right solution and ensure it was installed correctly.

The ease of use for elderly people and their carers is extremely important, as are all the safety features on the Vimec S10 platform lift.

Doing the shopping or even just going out to visit the friends and relatives who live nearby allows Laura's elderly in-laws to continue to have an active social life and face the challenges associated with impaired mobility in a positive manner.

This means that their son and daughter-in-law can assist them to ensure they are able to get around easily and safely.


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