Condominium stairs: no problem with the V64

Giorgia, who has lived in a condominium since 1999, tells us that following a surgical procedure a couple of years ago she is now obliged to get around in a wheelchair.


The condominium has a lift and my flat is on the ground floor but unfortunately there are four steps to get from the street level to the ground floor that create access problems to and from my flat.

The choice of a platform lift wasn't easy for me and for some other residents who were less than happy with the solution; fortunately the law was on my side and I was allowed to install this lift, the cost of which was shared with another elderly lady resident. We were able to take advantage of tax breaks and the grant offered by the Regional administration; the installers worked very quickly and we now have a system that, although it gets used just a few times every day, means we are independent and no longer need to ask for the assistance of relatives or neighbours to get in and out.

The system operates quietly and occupies minimal space in its closed position, and now all the other residents are happy with it because they have realised that it is unobtrusive.

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